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As more people are choosing to work out, fitness and workout apps are becoming increasingly popular. With that, users are becoming more interested in apps that serves them the most and makes their fitness and workout life easier. These apps can help tracking exercise and encouraging users to develop healthy habits.
Achieve is a mobile application that helps you keep focus on your training, goal and makes sure to motivate you when you need that the most. It guides users onto finding the right training that suits their goals. This smart application also suggests the best Gym Partner with the same goal as theirs.



In our process, we made sure to be mindful of the way to impact people’s lives through our product. We thought of simple ways the user can use the different features on this application. Our decisions could easily increase the effort required to stay on track or the opposite. The challenge was to balance our need for three aspects:Motivation
  • Time management
  • Avoiding injuries
  • Motivation


The main goal was to create a process that will help people with their training and keep them focused on their goals. And at the same time allow them to be in control while having fun using the application.