At Stixe, our commitment goes beyond mere project completion. We strive to be a catalyst for growth, driving tangible ROI and lasting success for our clients. Our approach combines cutting-edge technology with creative design thinking, ensuring that every project we undertake is a step towards setting new industry standards.


Who We Are ?

Welcome to Stixe, where our passion for digital innovation drives us to create products that make a real-world impact. In the realm of digital product design, we're not just participants – we're pioneers, dedicated to transforming complex challenges into user-friendly solutions.

At Stixe, we believe in the power of collaboration. We work closely with our partners across various industries, from startups to established enterprises, ensuring that every digital solution we craft is not only innovative but also strategically aligned with their business goals.

02Our values


We're dedicated to collaborative excellence, using cutting-edge technology to enhance our teamwork. Our strength lies in unity, driving us towards shared objectives.


We're committed to surpassing expectations. Our pursuit of excellence ensures that customer satisfaction remains at the forefront of our endeavors, achieving outstanding results in all we do.


Innovation is at our core. We constantly challenge conventional methods, embracing creative solutions to overcome obstacles and deliver unique results.


We believe in openness and clear communication. Keeping our customers informed and involved is crucial, fostering trust and clarity in all our interactions.

03Meet The Team

Marouane Foudali

UI/UX Designer

Nacereddine Soukrat

UX/UI Designer

Reda belcaida

Product Designer

Mohamed Shamim

Head of sales

Our Founder

Hello! I'm Hamza, the heart and mind behind Stixe. My journey in the digital world has been fueled by a deep passion for creating designs that not only look good but feel right and function efficiently.

I believe every great innovation starts with a simple idea. My role at Stixe is to nurture these ideas, transforming them into digital products that users love and businesses thrive on.

As a designer at heart and an entrepreneur in spirit, I've always been fascinated by the blend of creativity and technology. This blend is the cornerstone of my approach, whether I'm mentoring a startup or strategizing with an industry leader.

From my early days in graphic design to leading a dynamic team at Stixe, every step has been about learning, growing, and imparting knowledge. I'm a firm believer in continuous personal and professional development, which I foster not just in myself but in my team.

Why I Do What I Do:

The thrill for me lies in the challenge – understanding complex problems and crafting solutions that are not just effective but also intuitive and enjoyable. It's about making a real difference in how people interact with technology.