Presence Talents is an innovative platform designed to revolutionize the way businesses manage and develop their workforce. It serves as a comprehensive tool for organizations seeking to enhance their skills management, employee development, and career planning processes. With a suite of functionalities, including training organization, employee interviews management, and skills assessment, Presence Talents has become a critical asset for businesses aiming to foster growth and efficiency.


The challenge

Despite its success and appreciation from current users, Presence Talents encountered challenges due to its organic growth. The introduction of new modules, driven by client needs, necessitated a fundamental restructuring and redesign of the application. The aim was to make the platform more consistent, user-friendly, and in line with modern design standards. These changes were vital to ensure that Presence Talents continued to meet the evolving demands of its users while maintaining its effectiveness and appeal in a rapidly changing digital landscape.


Objectives and Goals

  • Redesign and simplify the product.
  • Increase user retention for new users while keeping the Older users engaged.
  • Enhancing user engagement
  • Scale the company and process to be more design-centric

Process and Solutions 

1. Platform Assessment and User Feedback:

The team then evaluated the existing platform and scrutinized user feedback, which was crucial in identifying areas needing improvement.

2. Ideation for Structure and Workflow

Armed with insights from the first two steps, the team engaged in ideation sessions to devise a better structure and workflow for the platform.

3. Creating Wireframes

The conceptual ideas were then translated into wireframes, serving as the blueprint for the redesigned platform.

4. Branding and UI Design

Following the wireframes, the focus shifted to branding and UI design, ensuring that the visual aspect of the platform was both appealing and functional.

5. Testing and Iteration

The final stage involved rigorous testing and iterative improvements, fine-tuning the platform based on real-world usage and feedback.


Results and Impact

The extensive redesign and restructuring of the Presence Talent web application led to significant improvements in user experience and increased user retention. Key performance indicators (KPIs) showed the following results:

  • User Retention Rate: There was a noticeable increase in user retention, indicating that new users were more likely to continue using the platform.
  • User Satisfaction Scores: Post-redesign, users rated the application higher in terms of aesthetic appeal and functionality.
  • Engagement Metrics: Enhanced user engagement was observed, with users spending more time on the application, taking less time to complete tasks, and utilizing more of its features.
  • Reduction in User Support Queries: There was a decrease in the number of support queries, suggesting that the new design was more intuitive and user-friendly.

The successful integration of a new Design System not only streamlined the design process but also set the foundation for a scalable, design-centric future for the organization. This strategic move positions Presence Talent to accommodate future growth better and adapt to evolving user needs.